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Curepoint cancer Treatment

Here we stand with you in your fight against cancer. Our mission is to provide compassionate, personalized, and comprehensive cancer treatment options to empower individuals and their families on their journey towards healing and recovery.

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We Use

Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment Technology

Advances in technology and healthcare have brought on increasing survival rates, and side effects of treatments dramatically decreasing improve the patient’s quality of life throughout their individualized treatment plan.

Cancer treatment technology continues to advance. At Curepoint Cancer Treatment, we believe finding the best technology to provide to our patients goes hand-in-hand with the compassionate and quality care provided here.

At Curepoint, we are proud to provide quality cancer treatment in Dublin, Georgia.



Compassionate Care

We know just how overwhelming a cancer diagnosis can be. Dealing with cancer is never easy, and oftentimes, the mental impact can take a toll. 

Our team understands how a cancer diagnosis can affect everyone in the family, we always communicate honestly and openly with each patient and their family members so that everyone understands the treatment options, potential side effects and likely outcomes. Our caring and compassionate team is always accessible to answer questions and address your concerns.

At Curepoint Cancer Treatment, we provide a wide range of emotional support services to help our patients and their family members navigate these difficult waters.

From support groups, to individual therapy sessions, we’re constantly working to provide top-notch emotional care that brings compassion back to the world of cancer care.

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Our Team

The most qualified staff

At Curepoint Cancer Treatment, our team of board certified physicians and highly experienced physicists, dosimetrists, and therapists utilize the most advanced methods and technologies to deliver the best individualized level of care for each and every last one of our patients.

We are firm believers in taking a multidisciplinary approach to everything that we do. This means that we work hand in hand with medical oncologists, urologists, surgeons, primary care physicians, and nurses to ensure that we facilitate a coordinated and comprehensive care plan for each of our patients.

At the end of each and every day, we go to great lengths to guarantee a caring, comfortable, and compassionate environment for our patients.

We’re an active member of our local community, and that means something to us. Who we serve is important, but where we serve is even more important.